Communications Page

In today's fast paced market, staying in touch is more important than ever. At Wyndham Jade we believe that communication with our clients needs to include both necessary business acumen and best practices. To stay in touch with our clients, Wyndham Jade invests in the latest communication tools to ensure we stay "plugged in" to our clients every need.

Social media is becoming more and more important as a communication tool in the business industry. Wyndham Jade offers several social media sources to stay in touch. For more opportunities on how to stay in touch with Wyndham Jade, click one of the social medial links at the bottom of the page.

iNotes is Wyndham Jade's internal newsletter that offers insight to industry trends, latest news and best practices within our industry. Past issues of iNotes can be found on our Newsroom page. If you would like to be included on the mailing list, click here to join in.