Housing & Reg

Are you a sports event organizer looking to create game-changing housing strategies for your event? Jade Sports, a division of Wyndham Jade that exclusively manages sports team travel, can help.
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New Product Offering: UnifiedCartTM

UnifiedCartUnifiedCartTM is a new initiative that combines the housing and registration process into one seamless user experience. With UnifiedCartTM, users can register for your conference and book their housing in one simple transaction so you can capture more hotel bookings while users are in a buying mindset. Read more about UnifiedCartTM.

Housing and Reg Solutions

Maximize in-the-block bookings and increase event attendance. Wyndham Jade delivers full-service convention housing, registration and lead retrieval solutions. These services include professional pre-event, on-site and post-event management and strategic guidance from our accomplished team. Our mobile-friendly housing and registration websites automatically redraw themselves to fit any device so your guests can make hotel reservations and register for your event while on the go. We empower you to grow your show through informed decisions using our reports and analytics.

  • Strategic project planning
  • In-house Call Center
  • Seasoned account team
  • Mobile-friendly housing and registration websites
  • Exhibitor and VIP outreach
  • Web services
  • Marketing support
  • Real-time analytics

Our Products


RateScanTM uses a proprietary algorithm developed by a strategic partner to carefully monitor hotel room rates posted online. By automatically monitoring these rates, we can be certain that hotels remain in compliance with the negotiated rates and “no lower rate clauses” agreed upon in their contracts. Read more about RateScanTM.


RoomLogicTM is our mobile-friendly housing application built around increasing in-the-block bookings. RoomLogicTM offers comprehensive analytics, initiative user experience and robust web services. Read more about RoomLogicTM


Reg5TM is our mobile-friendly registration application. Reg5TM can be fully customized based on your business rules to create a seamless transition from your website to the registration website. Read more about Reg5TM.


MetricTM is Wyndham Jade’s comprehensive analytics reporting that fully visualizes housing and registration data. Read more about MetricTM.