Going through online booking sites and making test calls to hotels to check rates is outdated. To more effectively manage hotel rate checks, Wyndham Jade has created RateScanTM using a proprietary algorithm developed by a strategic partner. RateScanTM allows us to carefully monitor hotel room rates posted online. These near-time reports can be configured to monitor for rates that are lower than a specific price, such as the rate agreed upon in your contract with the hotel, and immediately alert us when a lower rate is posted to any website, such as Hotels.com, Travelocity or another online booking tool.

Once we are alerted to a lower rate, we immediately contact the non-compliant hotel and request that the listing be removed. Even if the hotel promises to remove the listing, we continue to monitor the hotel’s online rates to be certain that the hotels are contractually compliant.

With RateScanTM, we can monitor rates in your room block to be certain that the hotels are in full support of your contracted room rates and blocks. Not only does this help guarantee the best rates for your attendees, it can help increase bookings within the block.

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